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Little Kernel


All creatures great and small.

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PG-13 Rating Hobos, Fast food, Guilt Entertainment Value: Three Popcorn Pieces
Sequel ExperienceAs Lucy** walked home, her cell phone dropped from her bag. She retraced her steps and tried calling it to no avail. Finally, her friend Ernie** got a phone call at 6 a.m. from Lucy's cell, with copious heavy breathing. Ernie received another call. "I've never used a phone before! I'm jus' hangin' out at Carl's Jr.!" yelled the deranged voice on the other end. Ernie headed out in search of a vagrant with the phone and bribed the phone back. He called Lucy: "Good news is I have your phone. Bad news is it's been in the hands of a bum all night." Also good news was that the bum only made one call and sent one text message. Bad news was the bum called Dan**, whom Lucy hadn't spoken with since his breakup with Jan** over her infidelity the year before. The bum gave Dan over 3 minutes of heavy breathing in Lucy's name, and forwarded him a misdirected text message reading, "I blame you!"


Strange but true stories of events and exchanges with ordinary people. While stage names are used, these events were actually witnessed.