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Little Kernel


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Driving Miss Daisy

Breaking and entering, TruancyEntertainment Value:
Stopping to grab a mid-morning coffee, Oakland resident Paul** noticed a teenager cutting class to do his good deed for the day. Obviously no older than 16, the boy took notice when an elderly woman locked her keys in her car in front of Starbucks. He quickly produced a slim jim and began jimmying the locked car open for her, proving there's more than one way to help a little old lady get across the street.


A Knight's Tale

Homemade armor, mock violenceEntertainment Value:
Getting out of the car late one night at the Rockridge BART station, Sandy** was startled by a car peeling into the lot. She turned to see a 1980s hatchback pull up and idle, joined by another vehicle. The driver began pulling large items out of the hatchback and a small group gathered. Assuming dirty dealings were about to go down, Sandy was fairly surprised to see two men don makeshift armor and swords. Two more men joined the fray close to midnight, illustrating you can stage a high-noon duel any time of night.


Shop Girl

Sales Pressure, Materialism, SarcasmEntertainment Value:
During a huge sale at Nordstrom®, Brianna** found herself constantly accosted by commission-hungry salespeople as she browsed. Moments after Brianna politely declined assistance from the 5th salesperson in 2 minutes' time, a saleswoman within earshot spotted her armful of baby clothes and asked, "Have you been helped?" Brianna said with a smile, "You're about the 10th person to ask me that!" The saleswoman snapped, "Well, we're here to help." Exasperated, Brianna explained, "It's just hard to shop when I'm asked that every few seconds." "Well," retorted the saleswoman, "Maybe everyone's asking because you look like you need to get help!"

Strange but true stories of events and exchanges with ordinary people. While stage names are used, these events were actually witnessed.